G.O.T. Assessment?

KGH’s integrated team of experts offer a Preparedness Review that supports organizations in preventing, preparing for, and mitigating across hazards and threats. KGH guides organizations through the myriad of security, emergency, and safety plans with a comprehensive process that ensures compliance with government regulations and industry standards and requirements. The KGH team performs Preparedness Reviews through a risk-based framework that helps organizations focus on their highest risk areas and identifies gaps, or vulnerabilities, in current policies, plans, procedures, and training. The KGH team then provides recommendations (e.g. training, technology, policies) to fill the identified gaps and guides the organization in prioritizing those recommendations based on the greatest potential for risk reduction and compliance. This holistic process is tailored to meet the needs and unique conditions of each organization, which includes an awareness of operational needs and organizational culture.

KGH employs a four-prong approach to the Preparedness Without Paranoia ® Review:

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3D Mapping

KGH has the capability to employ 3D mapping technology to digitize critical infrastructure allowing us to most effectively identify vulnerabilities, map strategies, and develop training. A 3D map delivers significantly more data and insight than pictures and video. Virtual walkthroughs, point of interest labeling, and highly accurate measurements are just a few key features giving KGH the edge in Preparedness.
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