G.O.T. Assessment?

KGH has assembled an extraordinary team of training, security, and preparedness experts and offer a Preparedness Review approach to assist organizations in navigating the myriad of security, emergency, and safety plans, regulations, compliance, and audit requirements. The holistic approach is not bound by a template or checklist, but rather by a tailored examination of existing capabilities to mitigate threats and identified gaps matched with actionable recommendations.

KGH employs a four-prong approach to the Preparedness Without Paranoia ® Review:

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3D Mapping

We deploy 3D mapping technology to digitize critical infrastructure allowing us to most effectively identify vulnerabilities, map strategies, and develop training. A 3D map delivers significantly more data and insight than pictures and video. Virtual walkthroughs, point of interest labeling, and highly accurate measurements are just a few key features giving KGH the edge in Preparedness. Click the image below for a demo.
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