Workplace Violence Prevention Training
There are many things in life worth taking a chance on-gambling on employee safety is not one!

Lucky’s Superpowers
Ava, our Preparedness Ambassador talks about our Mascot, Luck and leaning about superpowers!
Security Sense is Common Sense
Learn how to talk about safety with kids in a very common sense way.
Types of preparedness Drills: Code Red
Ava, our Preparedness Ambassador talks about a form of safety drill used by some school systems.
Faith Based Preparedness: Practice What You Preach
Developing a Preparedness Mindset applies across the faith-based community.
Preparedness Without Paranoia® Series: A Discussion with Dr. Kathleen Kiernan, ED. D
PWP® was developed to build an inclusive community engagement through education.
Awareness Always Matters
Awareness of everyday surroundings can never be taken for granted. Learn how to increase situational awareness.
Preparedness is a Mindset
75% of workplace violence incidents happen in the healthcare industry. Getting hurt should never be part of any occupation.
Security Sense is Common Sense
A brief discussion with some bright young students on the importance of speaking up when you see something suspicious.
Preparedness Without Paranoia® Series: Soccer
The importance of being aware applies really everywhere. It is one of the most important lessons a child should learn.
Preparedness Without Paranoia® Series: French Horn
Sometimes, it takes courage to speak up when something is not right. It is always the RIGHT thing to do!
Preparedness Without Paranoia® Series: High School Mindset
Preparedness means inclusion of everyone, especially those with access and functional needs.